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Lars Harald Norheim

Director Business Development & Sales

Arild Helleren

Region Director, Asia Pacific
Phone: +60 12 304 3681

Arild Helleren

Region Director, Asia Pacific
Phone: +60 12 304 3681

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Area Manager Oiltools North America
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Lars Harald Norheim

Director Business Development & Sales

Bjørn Bærheim

Region Director, Europe & Africa
Phone: + 47 51 30 81 70

Bjørn Bærheim

Region Director
Phone: + 47 51 30 81 70

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Country Manager
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Archer's Plugs

Archer’s plug solutions are tailor made to provide cost and time savings for a wide range of applications including managing well integrity, securing well suspension, plug and abandonment (P&A), and pressure testing.

Derived from the first version plugs, today the LOCK® and SPARTAN™ series of plugs form the baseline of the plug portfolio, field proven worldwide.

Our plugs are rapid to set and seal, easy to move and reset.

The result: high efficiency and low cost.

LOCK® Plugs – Gas Tight (V0) SPARTAN™ Plugs
TIMELOCK® - For short, medium and long-term suspension and harsh well conditions. V0 rated, retrievable, resettable. SPARTAN™ LEAKFINDER - For testing, leak detection and activation of other tools. Resettable.
STORMLOCK® - For rapid storm suspension, short, medium and long term suspension and harsh well conditions. V0 rated, retrievable, resettable, extensive hang off capacity. SPARTAN™ - For short or medium-term well suspension. Retrievable; resettable.
LASTLOCK® - For total security in permanent well abandonment and harsh well conditions. V0 rated. SPARTAN™ Fundament - For permanent applications.
Unique Plug Solutions
VAULT™ Dual Plug – Set and Retrieve 2 plugs in single run.
HUNTER™ Plug run in tandem with other tools having ability to rotate string without unintentionally setting plug.
SPEARHEAD™ P&A Casing Retrieval Plug System.

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A large number of oil and gas assets are coming to the end of their designed life expectancy and need to be decommissioned safely, securely and cost effectively.

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Well Integrity

Well integrity is concerned with the safe and reliable containment of all well fluids throughout the life of a well, including after decommissioning.

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Washover Retrieval Tool

When hard or packed-off debris is not easily removed by high-rate washing, the Washover Retrieval Tool can be used. By rotating slowly to loosen the debris, then pumping fluid to wash, the above-plug obstruction can be easily removed.

Muleshoe Retrieval Tool

There are applications where standard, flat bottomed running tools can hang up on edges or other internal restrictions, such as mid-string packers, liner-top polished bore receptacles (PBR’s) or casing diameter variations. In those instances, rotating the Muleshoe Retrieval Tool allows it to ‘climb’ restrictions, enabling the assembly to pass and continue running in hole.

Magnetic Drift Tool

Equipped with gauge rings, brushes and magnets, this tool will ensure the casing is clean and the internal diameter is confirmed prior to setting the plug. Using this tool can potentially save a cleanup run, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Milling Tool

The Milling Tool enables milling of the plug element and gauge rings, allowing contingency release and retrieval of the plug should the primary retrieval method prove unsuccessful.

Bridge Plug

Wellbore bridge plugs may be permanent or retrievable, enabling the lower wellbore to be permanently sealed from production or temporarily isolated from a treatment. We offer a range of bridge plugs from cast iron to plugs based on the innovative LOCK™ series.

  • Permanent bridge plug
  • HM bridge plug
  • Cement retainer
  • Permanent Composite Plug
  • Inflatable plug/packer system
  • Extra range production packer