Digitalization is rapidly changing the business landscape and the oil and gas industry is no exception. Archer recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve, and is committed to embracing new technologies and utilizing data to continuously improve our operations, both from an efficiency and sustainability perspective.

Archer is embarking on an invigorating journey through the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, where we are revolutionizing the very fabric of the oil and gas industry. In the fast-paced evolvement of technological evolution, we understand the power of being the trendsetter, the innovator, the future-shaper.

Fueling our persistent pursuit of excellence is Project Portfolio Management — a strategic compass guiding us through a constellation of projects and initiatives spanning over our locations. We infuse agility into every venture, fueled by the success of cross-functional collaboration.

The following initiatives are identified as key success factors, and some of them are currently in execution:

​Project Clarity aims to digitalize our analogue checklists and procedures, increasing safety and efficiency in our operations. Digital processes will eliminate manual errors, provide easy access to procedures and work instructions on portable devices, enable real-time monitoring with a continuous overview of plan vs actual, and integrate with relevant software for automated verifications. Digital checks and signatures will enable verifications, and data will be stored for reference and audit purposes. Increased control of our planned activities will help us reduce our global footprint, from a logistical aspect when it comes to equipment and people transits.

Project Harmony represents a global approach to personnel utilization, digitalizing rotation processes creating value through streamlined scheduling processes and detailed mobilization overview. Digitalization of these processes will enable efficient POB management and leverage cross-trained personnel from all divisions within Archer by tightly coupling competency requirements to each mobilization. Supported by a global course, training, and competence solution. This global approach will ensure a shared, detailed overview of all competencies, training, and requirements for all employees across all divisions and countries enabling optimal use of resources and enabling a reduction in our global footprint.

Project OPC will create a physical environment that enables collaboration, augmenting offshore skills with onshore expertise to enhance decisions and execution while reducing risk for employees, cost, and carbon emissions. By leveraging new technology like Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, we can provide real-time support and assistance to offshore operations. The benefits of this include an increase in efficiency and a reduction in the risk of mistakes or incidents. The operator onshore will be able to provide immediate assistance to the offshore team, using AR glasses to view and communicate in real-time.

Project Cascade aims to optimize capturing and interpreting supplier data. The application will automate processes with flexible workflows and approvals and provide effective decision-making capabilities by including ESG data management and visualization.