Archer depends on our suppliers to deliver high-quality products and services. Archer has a strong focus on safety and delivering the highest quality products and services, and we know that our suppliers are vital for our performance.

Our commitment to safety is dependent on suppliers having an equal commitment to ensure high performance with impeccable focus on safety in all activities. We also expect our suppliers to demonstrate and maintain high standards within quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) as well as within ethics and social responsibility.

We will be transparent regarding our requirements, how we work to deliver, and providing predictability on future needs, as far as possible. We will ensure fair treatment of all suppliers in a balanced manner to achieve a sustainable and efficient supply chain with the highest quality.

Archers main sourcing method is competitive tendering. Potential suppliers are either identified by Archer through supplier market analysis, request for quotations and various screening systems. All suppliers to Archer must meet our minimum requirements, which includes but are not limited to safety, sustainability, security and public registration.

Archer registers suppliers within three categories:

Category A: Procurement of Critical Products, Services and equipment (Strategic suppliers, Single source, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Safety and environmental critical, EX and lifting Equipment. Suppliers with vital impact on quality)

Category B: Procurement of Non-Critical Products, Services and equipment (core suppliers delivering off the shelf/specialized/consumables/available from several sources)

Category C: Procurement of Business Support (Office services, administrative suppliers, non-essential suppliers)

Suppliers of Category A and B shall as a minimum:

  • Have an established management system according to ISO 9001:2015 or similar (if such can not be demonstrated, the supplier might be approved based on thorough evaluation of the supplier by both procurement and corporate Q&HSE and/or an audit process with proper closing of audit findings).
  • Suppliers of personnel need to demonstrate that their personnel have the required skills, competency, training, and education together with appropriate certificates (as applicable).
  • Demonstrate their ability to deliver products or services as per the standards required as part of our critical operations i.e. NORSOK, Atex, API etc.
  • Must be in accordance with applicable acts and regulations as well as contractual requirements

Every year Archer receive thousands of invoices. To ensure correct and efficient processing of all received invoices, Archer has implemented strict guidelines to ensure that both we and our suppliers save time in correct handling of each invoice.

If you follow the Archer guidelines for setting up a valid invoice, you can rest assure that your invoice will be correctly received and paid within the agreed payment terms.

By providing Archer with a valid invoice, where all details are correct and fully documented, the invoice will be processed correctly without the need for rejection and subsequent correction.

It is important that suppliers ensure that they understand the Archer guidelines for invoicing. Invoices that do not meet the requirements will be rejected.

Archer PO – definition
Purchase Order has the abbreviation PO in Archer. A PO document will be prepared and submitted to you by Archer when your quotation/offer is accepted. If you as a supplier are requested to initiate work for Archer, and have not received an Archer PO, please contact your contact in Archer or the relevant Buyer as soon as possible. Suppliers are not allowed to submit invoices to Archer unless you have received an Archer PO with a valid PO number which includes line numbers, line amounts and line descriptions.

Purchase Order and reference number
All invoices submitted to Archer shall include a valid Purchase Order (PO) number. Line numbers and associated descriptions and amounts on the invoice must also refer to the information in the received PO. Invoices without reference to a valid PO will be rejected and returned. The invoice shall be marked with a valid Archer PO number. All invoices shall refer to the correct Archer legal entity (organization number) as specified in the PO.

Archer Norway
If an invoice is to be paid by Archer to the Supplier via a factoring company, or another company within the same group, this needs to be clearly stated on the invoice. For all invoiced PO lines, only one “material number”/”Item number” or “service number” per line is permitted All referred PO lines on the invoice shall match (correct numbering) to the PO lines in the Archer PO. Invoice amounts shall not exceed the amounts on the PO. Invoice amounts and increasing a Purchase Order.

The amount on the invoice shall not exceed the limits listed in the Purchase Order (PO), both in total and for each line item on the PO. If suppliers need to invoice a higher amount than the approved amounts in the PO document, you shall contact the appropriate Archer representative or Buyer to agree an increase of the PO or raise a Variation Order Request (VOR) which will form the basis of either an update of existing or a new PO. Any invoice which exceeds the approved PO amount, will be rejected and returned to the supplier for correction. Payment terms shall always be as specified in the PO.

Guidelines for receipt of invoices in Archer
Archer require that suppliers submit invoices on the following formats:

  • EHF format (required format for suppliers with a Norwegian organization number)
  • Invoice/cac: OrderReference/cbc: ID in the XMLfile must be filled in with a valid PO number from Archer, in addition to the standard mandatory EHF fields. Please reach out to your own IT support or EHF portal provider for any enquires about the XML file
  • PDF format

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to (Engineering, Platform Drilling and Wireline) (Oitools)

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to (UK – Engineering, Platform drilling and Wireline Business units)

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to

Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to

United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Invoices in PDF format shall be sent to