Integrated Services

Through a combination of our multi-skilled personnel, innovative technology and intelligently-designed systems we are able to off er an integrated services model to our clients.

Our ability to effectively integrate drilling and well services means we can provide one point of contact for all well related operations and activities. Designed to reduce administration, streamline operations, reduce overall POB via multi skilling of personal “smart crews” and ultimately reduce cost without impacting on safety performance, this model allows clients to reduce the number of third party contractors and therefore reduce the risk profile.

By implementing a smart crews model, which through effective training, allows us to utilize and combine drilling and maintenance crews for additional tasks such as crane and deck operations, cutting / cleaning operations, scaffolding and plug setting. In addition subcontractor and ISC training and competence matrices are integrated into a single Archer training matrix.

From experience we’ve proven that having key personnel working in integrated planning team well in advance of operations start up, ensures:

  • Less contract administration
  • Multi-skilled personnel – reduced POB
  • Efficient planning of the scope of work
  • A single point of contact
  • Integrated operations
  • Low cost and consistent manning
  • Reduce cost waiting time and Non Productive Time
  • Well established, field specific and cross discipline safety management system
  • Experienced and trained organization in the field
  • Reduced time and cost for each well
  • Improved learning curve and planning efficiency

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Kevin Cowieson

Director Business Development - Platform Operations