Casing Cut & Pull

Archer’s Cut & Pull Solutions Deliver Industry Leading Performance

Cut-and-Pull operations are one of the most time-consuming well activities typically carried out during P&A and slot recovery campaigns. The time needed for cut-and-pull operations depends on how effectively and quickly the bond between the casing and the material present in the casing annulus can be broken down. Typical cut-and-pull operations consist of cutting a casing section with a tubular cutter and pulling it out of the well back to surface by utilizing a casing spear. The challenge is that, on average, only a relatively short casing section can be successfully retrieved, and multiple runs are required to complete the job.

Archer is developing new technologies and further expanding its capabilities with a focus on P&A and Slot Recovery operations to support the industry’s energy transition and its low-carbon targets. Archer’s technology portfolio includes, but is not limited to, bottom hole assemblies to enable the combination of 3 – 5 conventional downhole trips into a single trip. This includes V0 and V6 ISO-certified suspension plugs, the ability to cut and pull casing in tension, circulate the annulus and address the challenges of settled barite. Cement-thru pipe cutters, Perf Wash and Cement solutions, downhole casing jacks and mechanical perforations along with qualifying shale as a barrier are other solutions offered.

Fernando Zapata Bermudez

VP Marketing & Business Development - Well Services