Section Milling

Single Section Mill

Archer provides conventional (single-string) section milling services with an extensive track record utilised by both operating and service companies worldwide. The Archer section mill is based on an industry proven platform which is rugged and reliable. Archer dresses each tool with our own in-house, bespoke carbide cutting structure to maximise milling performance and achieve the objectives in the shortest time possible.

Our multi-skilled team has intimate knowledge and practical experience in conventional section milling applications including parameter management, swarf evacuation, BHA design and hydraulics.

Dual Section Mill

Archer developed the Medusa® multi-string section milling technology to deliver downhole windows through multiple casing strings for the installation of permanent well barriers. Medusa® is a hydraulically expandable section milling tool with a high expansion ratio (difference between fully collapsed and fully expanded). The expansion ratio of Medusa® enables it to mill through multiple consecutive strings of casing, eliminating chances of SCP and providing a suitable window for a permanent rock-to-rock or encapsulated well barriers. The patented design dynamically stabilises itself within the casing ID, leading to a precise cutout and improved milling performance.

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